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Cinematologists live podcast recording at the Electric Palace

The Cinematologists podcast celebrates and interrogates films and film culture. Presented and produced by film academics Dr. Dario Llinares and Dr. Neil Fox, each episode is based around a screening with a recorded introduction, followed by a post-viewing live audience Q&A.

For more details and to download the podcast visit www.cinematologists.com

Forthcoming The Cinematologists events at the Electric Palace:

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Mad Max (1979) - Sunday 10th April, 8pm

"Who are they?" asks the burly leader of a pack of motorcycle savages. Before the dust settles, he'll especially know who one of them is. Mel Gibson portrays Max Rockansky, the fearless cop waging war with kill-crazy bikers who targeted his family. It is a road-scorching, neo-punk, take-no-prisoners combat set in a post-a

pocalyptic Australia.


The Last Detail (1973) - Sunday 15th May, 8pm

Jack Nicholson is at his best in this dramatic comedy. Two hard-boiled petty officers, Buddusky and Mulhall, are detailed to take a young sailor, Meadows, to a Naval Prison to serve an eight-year sentence for a trivial offense, and they decide to show him a good time on the way. They narrowly escape a bar fight, tangle with some Marines, and visit a brothel for Meadows’ first sexual experience. After reluctantly turning him in, Buddusky and Mulhall realize they are as much prisoners of their own world as Meadows now is of his.


Old Joy (2007) - Sunday 12th June, 8pm

A rainy afternoon in a fern-carpeted forest. Two old friends, Mark and Kurt (Will Oldham), drive up into the mountains near Portland, and get lost trying to find the hot springs. Resounding with sustained images and sounds given the time to reverberate, unarticulated tensions course through the film like a hidden creek. Finally at the turn-off to the springs, we see the sky reflected in their windshield and the whole world turns on this moment.

About The Cinematologists

Dario and Neil will show a wide range of films from the past and present, both well-known and obscure, analysing them in an in-depth yet accessible way. The podcast also features interviews with filmmakers, actors, critics and academics, who discuss specific projects or contribute to the podcast’s overarching debates around contemporary cinema culture.

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