Projection Space Exhibition

 - Journeys

Through the moving image we can be transported from our normal surroundings to visit faraway locations, visionary environments, to share our inner worlds and the journeys of our everyday lives. We have the opportunity to look from other perspectives and enrich the experience of our lives.The exhibition accompanying this year's Shot By The Sea explores our perception of reality and the way in which travel can play a part in breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes and geographical borders as well as those that confine our minds. Experience the Northern Lights in an old bookshop's basement. Walk through the ancient Antarctic snow in constant daylight. Join the spiritual journeys that lead a woman to question her choices through the places she travels to. Discover an entire world behind a park bench just around the corner. What journeys do we actually take, and what are those we don't dare to?


The projection Space Exhibition takes place in three different gallery spaces, late night bar screenings, an audio tour and 'projection bombing'


Stone Squid Experimental Art Space


Claremont Art Space no 12


Hastings Arts Forum


This is Real.... Dream On! Audio Tour


Dragon Bar Screenings


Projection Bombing

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