A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls

PG-13 / JA Bayona / 2016 / A Monster Calls / USA / Spain
12-year-old Conor is bullied because he sees the world differently. His mother is suffering from a terminal illness, his grandmother has become increasingly controlling and his father is perpetually absent. Suddenly, a wizened and mysterious yew tree materialises to provide Conor with some much-needed guidance. Shooting from the spectacular heights of fantasy, straight to the beating heart of reality, Bayona’s visually inventive fi lm gives glorious form to this deeply moving story about a boy who draws on his expansive imagination to come to terms with impending loss.

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Tickets are available in advance online from this website, or on the door.
Doors and the bar open at 7.15pm, screenings start at 8pm.

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