Projection Space Exhibition

Hastings Arts Forum

Open 26, 27, 30, 31 July, 11am - 5pm


Nan and John

Sam Sharples

A self-portrait of filmmaker Sam Sharples as he documents his first meeting with his father, a man he has never really known. Shown in parallel is a film where he questions his 95year old Nan about who his father was and what he was like. The juxtaposition of these films makes compelling viewing through an emotional journey as Sam attempts to make discoveries about the past through the differing opinions and memories of two people.


Mother of Grace - Take the Plane

Sarah Broome



Sarah Broome re-edits old pieces of film footage to make a new whole forming Mother of Grace, a character who is and isn't her. Through connecting arbitrary moments she creates a sense of a life which becomes more tangible with the viewer's own experience.

Take the Plane is one of several attempts to capture a moment in Mother of Grace's existence, piecing together one of her endless journeys to find her place in life. Moving from a lonely seaside town, through life in a northern city, to the hotter climes of the Mediterranean, she looks for comfort and somewhere to call home. But each new location is eclipsed by where she has come from. Her past calls unexpectedly, urging her back to where she began.


Frame Refrain

Woodrow Kernohan



Working as both an artist and curator, Woodrow Kernohan's works and exhibitions aim to interrogate their own modes of presentation, with the objective that the display mechanisms become constituent elements of the works. Using methodologies of collage and appropriation, selection and re-presentation, he makes work in response to pre-existing materials and pre-defined contexts. Digital technologies enable him to become an active viewer: engaged within the world of media objects, drawing attention to the framing device and challenging conventions of authorship.


Shanghai Frolic

Andrew Kotting

Shanghai Frolic is a three -screen video installation, on one screen a panoramic view of Shanghai slowly disintegrates as a violent storm builds whilst on the other, from a rear window the prying camera zooms into the apartments and nocturnal lives of the city dwellers. A soundtrack permeates the space culled from a series of eight bicycle rides that Kötting made whilst living there in 2004.

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