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In The City of Sylvia

Fri 4 Sept  8pm    

José Luis Guerin 2007  84mins  Spain Subtitles

A boy searching for a girl, Guerín nimbly brings movie making back to its early pleasures in this masterful film. This is a field recording that reawakens your ears. It’s also an everyday yet sublime vision, it seems everything Guerín looks at in the city of Strasbourg, even the sunlight that shines on it, was created for the gaze of his camera. A young man puzzles over and searches for Sylvia, the sweetheart he remembers from an earlier encounter. He sits at an outdoor café and sketches amid tables buzzing with conversation. When one dark-haired woman gets up and leaves, the young man follows her. His journey passes through a cobbled labyrinth of alleys and streets and eventually into a nightclub where it all began.
"This is perfection... utterly transfixing, and it cuts to the heart of what cinema is all about."

Repeated on Sunday 6th Sept



Modern Life

Sat 5 Sept  8pm  

PG  Raymond Depardon  87mins  2008  France Subtitles

With introduction and live readings by poet Nicholas Johnson of Etruscan Press and Short Film: PHILIP Unrated Rebecca Marshall 4mins 2009 UK

With a warm irreverent eye Depardon presents a rural community and the legacies that bind them to land and family. Down winding country lanes and behind rural backwaters, Raymond Depardon has spent 20 years making friends with a dying breed of farmers who are defiantly old school, treating newcomers and women with equal suspicion.



In The City of Sylvia

Sun 6 Sept  8pm



Shot Sea Projection Space

Wed 9 Sept 8pm            

Projection Space Live with guest filmmaker GXJacques.

Join us for this entertaining and lively quarterly event featuring award winning guest filmmaker GXJacques. Artists and Filmmakers are also invited to bring along their own short pieces – finished and work in progress to share and discuss. A great opportunity to meet and support independent filmmakers and see a reflection of our vital film culture. Please bring work cued up on mini dv or DVD, 10mins max.


Local filmmaker GXJacques released the final 10 minute visual poem Eb&Flo. Currently touring British Film Festivals it won Best Short Film at the Images of Black Women Film Festival and has several nominations in other festivals. Eb&Flo - Whilst writing his school essay on water, Domani, eleven, navigates the ebb and flow of his parents relationship and contemplates the wider implications of a changing planet. Set against a backdrop of the wettest year on record, this beautifully shot film is a meditation on a transition in life from a child’s perspective.



La Strada

Thur 10 Sept 8pm

PG Frederico Fellini  108mins 1954  Italy Subtitles

La Strada, "the road," tells the story of a simple-minded peasant girl who is sold to a brutal circus strongman. Fellini once called the film "the complete catalogue of my entire mythical world." With its unvarnished depiction of a ravaged countryside, peopled by an often inarticulate and taciturn citizenry, the film has an unmistakable other-ness to it. La Strada ends where it began, on a long stretch of abandoned shoreline, along the way its searing journey won Fellini his best Oscar for best foreign film and may be his finest masterpiece.




Andrew Kotting Introduces: Landscape as more than Scenery

Fri 11 Sept  8pm            

An evening of short films and discussion.

Filmmaker Andrew Kotting introduces a programme of films which in one way or another have all been inspired by the Great Out-Of-Doors. From animation to live action, performance to standing still, the manipulated image to the left-alone image, super 8, 16mm, HDV and 35mm.

A bricolage of works gleaned from England and across the UK. Including the work of Belle Mellor, Conor Kelly, Emily Richardson, Marcus Coates, Matt Hulse, Andrew Kotting, Ben Rivers, Semiconductor, Nick Gordon Smith, Run Wrake, Joe King and Rosie Pedlow.





Sat 12 Sept  8pm  

PG  Henry Hathaway  92mins  1953  USA  

Marilyn Monroe and Niagara are raging torrents of emotion that even nature can't control… A seemingly naive woman is honeymooning but her purpose for the trip is soon clear, when she begins acting out a plot to murder her beloved. As Monroe’s first leading role she stars alongside the majestic and powerful Niagara Falls themselves. Vastly different from her often comedic roles. Marilyn's classic dramatic performance as this diabolical and scheming woman is at once fascination and frightening, painting a powerful portrait of human sexuality and passion. Clips from Niagara feature in Marine Court Rendez-vous.




Iain Sinclair Introduces: Marine Court Rendezvous

Sun 13 Sept  8pm

Unrated  Iain Sinclair & Chris Petit  30mins  2008  UK  

Iain Sinclair introduces his film installation set at the Marine Court building, a pre-war construction on the Hastings seafront. When does a building decide that its only future is as a set? Lost souls ponder the philosophical conundrum: are they viewing Rear Window or are they themselves unrehearsed actors performing for other witnesses lurking in the darkness? Petit invokes Fritz Lang, the paranoid master of surveillance systems, disguise, double identities. Monroe in Niagara and Dorothy Malone floating from the sky in Tarnished Angels. Plane crashes and waterfalls. With a haunting score by Susan Stenger and performance by Rebecca Marshall, Marine Court Rendezvous is where the silenced dead catch up with their fugitive souls. Whatever you call it, so it will become.




Two Coastlines

Wed 16 Sept 8pm


These captivating documentaries explore two artist’s relationships with two very different parts of UK coastline.


Grant Gee introduces: The Western Lands: 'Hoy'

Grant Gee | UK | 2007 | 9mins.

The Western Lands: Hoy features acclaimed writer Jim Perrin’s attempted climb of the Old Man of Hoy on his 60th birthday. A meditation on landscape and mortality, on climbing up and climbing out. A poetic documentary of love, loss and landscape under the dying of the light.

West is a landscape of loss. West is where the light dies” —Jim Perrin

Mark French introduces: The Catch.

Mark French, UK. 2009, 18mins

A biographical film of the paintings by Laetitia Yhap, revealing the hidden world of the local fishermen. With unprecedented access to the life of the Stade, this film documents the changing story of this ancient way of living as it faces the modern world. It features an in depth interview with this nationally collected artist as she looks back upon her life in Hastings.


Preceeded by two shorts:


The Downfall of MightyMan

Rebecca Marshall, UK, 2009, 4mins

Filmed on The Stade beach, Hastings - this is the fictional story of a small girl and a strongman, an extraordinary tale of mind over muscle.

Summer Breeze

Richard Heslop, UK 2007, 8mins

One day in the life of the fishing beach and Hastings seafront filmed over one day.





The Holy Mountain

Wed 23 Sept 8pm

PG Arnold Fanck 1926 106mins Germany Subtitles

Fanck braved treacherous conditions in the Alps to capture their stunning beauty along with breathtaking action in this silent film. Diotima (Leni Riefenstahl) is a dancer who travels to a small mountain village to find the man of her dreams. She finds a climber and a skier who are there to pursue their own idyllic dreams while navigating the danger and beauty of the mountains. Riefenstahl choreographs her moves to the pounding rhythms of breaking ocean waves to establish her robust nature woman persona. Using time-lapse photography, slow motion, POV shots and cameras on ski’s, there is no studio trickery here – it is all filmed in treacherous conditions at great risk to the actors.




Love Your Lido’

Sat 26 Sept  Looped screening between 8pm – 10pm


Welcome to this open-air installation at sunset of a newly commissioned film by director Mat McDonnell.

Love Your Lido’ is an exciting reworking of newly discovered archive film from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s of St Leonards open-air bathing pool, and ‘new vintage’ material filmed at a 50s themed event on 22nd August 2009 at Salt Dean Lido. Including personal memories from the local community this remarkable work seeks to invoke the spirit of this thriving era on the site of this once flourishing public venue in West St Leonards.

'Hidden Connections' is a new film project focusing on the creative use of archive film footage. Love Your Lido is the first of two films being created. Students from Hillcrest School are working with filmmaker Tom Hillenbrand using archive footage of Hastings’ historic fishing community, one of England’s oldest fishing fleets. Boats have worked from the beach in front of the ancient town for over one thousand years, and the Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society preserves the fishing community’s medieval right to work from the shingle beach or stone beach known as the Stade. Developed in participation with the local community, the resulting films will be made available on DVD and the internet. Look out for the year long 'Hidden Connections' programme of screenings featuring local, national and international archive film material open to all.


Hidden Connections is a partnership project between The Electric Palace Cinema, the Stade Education Project and the Fishermen’s Protection Society.


This project has been enabled by Screen South and the UK Film Council's Digital Film Archive Fund Supported by the National Lottery.





Encounters at the End of the World

Wed 30 Sept 8pm

U Werner Herzog 2007 101mins USA  

There is a hidden society at the end of the world. One thousand men and women live together under unbelievably close quarters in Antarctica, risking their lives and sanity in search of cutting-edge science. Herzog accompanied only by his cameraman, travels to the Antarctic community and into the heart of one of the most remote places on earth. Over the course of his journey, Herzog examines human nature and Mother Nature, juxtaposing breathtaking locations with the profound, surreal and often absurd experiences of the marine biologists, physicists, plumbers, and truck drivers who form this unique community. A visually stunning exploration of the raw beauty of a land of fire, ice and corrosive solitude.


Tickets are available in advance online from this website, or on the door.
Doors and the bar open at 7.15pm, screenings start at 8pm.

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