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Antarctic Walk

Anne Brodie

Antarctic Walk is one of a series of short films made in response to Anne Brodie's experience of Antarctica where she spent 3 months living amongst scientists on a British Antarctic base. The film can be seen as her own form of data collecting. It is representative of the relentless disorientation that she felt in such an extraordinary disempowering environment. The colour effect of the strong 24hr daylight inside the red canvas tents in which she slept added to the surreality of the situation.



Second Hand Daylight

Simon Aeppli



Keeping visual journals has been central to Simon Aeppli's practice as a filmmaker for the last ten years. Books are made from photographs, photocopied and found images, written fragments, quotes, letters, lists and fictitious notations. Secondhand Daylight focuses on three books that are deeply rooted in the physical and political landscape of Northern Ireland.
The video itself becomes a type of notebook as he interweaves video footage with images from the books creating an experimental narrative that maps out a personal geography, traversing memory, obsession and ideas.


Blood Landscapes

Richard O'Sullivan

A three-screen video work, Blood Landscapes travels from the shattered urban landscape of downtown Los Angeles into the wilderness of the American West. The central screen begins with a fragmented portrait of L.A.'s decaying streets, and cuts to an aggressive collage of rock and foliage. On the left screen, meanwhile, we cross the desolate Mojave Desert and on the remaining screen we journey through Yellowstone, where natural fire has ravaged the forest. The three screens compare human and natural destruction. The devastated urban architecture and the fragmented trees of the central screen are paralleled with the dead forest and the lifelessness of the desert. Blood Landscapes suggests how our patterns of devastation and dissolution might mirror those of nature.



Alistair Gentry
Travelling can enable us to see where we come from more clearly. 'LPT BNB GDD LGN JPN' follows a miniature explorer for whom a back garden is a jungle, a public park is a savannah, a beach is a desert. The film draws attention to the occasional absurdities of travelling
great distances only to see and do what we could have seen and done at home, and suggests that we too can slow down and travel more mindfully or imaginatively.


8 To The Power 2

Harry Levene & Jon Pigrem

The piece uses our ability to differentiate and locate streams of audio information. All the sounds are derived from original recordings, reciting translations of the same script in four languages that represent (the) present-day local communities in the east end of London. The visual element incorporates animated graphics with live streaming video.The central motif is a magical sigil that is both a word, number and a schematic drawing of a body; a design derived from the (ritual) language of an earlier community, now largely dispersed; so that this becomes a work about migration, history and a connection with spirits.


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