Catherine Litton artworks now on display

Catherine LittonSee local Hastings artist's modern paintings at the cinema.

"Every moment, every thought comes with colour and movement.  I don't paint what I see. I paint what I feel, what I experience," says Catherine Litton about the work she has on view in the cinema auditorium this month.

"This allows each painting to exist outside of 'normal' experience and become its own intimate landscape," she continues.

A life by the coast

Catherine Litton has lived her whole life on the coast and feels a deep connection to the sea and the landscape. It is the space and the light of her immediate environment that allows her mind to free and detach itself from the busy pressured experience of life, and paint without hindrance. This allows each painting to exist outside of ‘normal’ experience and become it’s own intimate landscape.

"For me my work is not about what I have painted, but rather what happens while I paint. I listen to the paintings and allow the work to find it’s own way," Catherine says.

Catch Catherine's work until the end of the year before each screening, at the Electric Palace cinema. Artwork is also for sale.

Visit Catherine's Facebook page.



Tickets are available in advance online from this website, or on the door.
Doors and the bar open at 7.15pm, screenings start at 8pm.

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