B Movie Fan Club

Our B Movie Fan club, curated by Robin Knowles, has been going from strength to strength.

The B Movies will now screen on regular monthly Sunday evenings instead of its previous Wednesday eve slot. Tickets remain just £5.

See below for the latest upcoming events:

The Thing from Another World - Sunday 26 January: 8pm

The Thing From Another World.jpg12 / 87mins / Howard Hawks and Christian Nyby / 1951 / USA

It’s January, it’s cold, so don’t go digging in the snow! Arctic scientists dig up a frozen being from a crashed UFO, but when they accidentally thaw him out all hell breaks loose in this isolated ice station… Book now

Tarantula - Sunday 23 February: 8pm

U / 80mins / Jack Arnold / 1955 / USA

When scientists in an isolated desert laboratory start messing around with ‘giantism’ you’d think they would be more careful, but oh no… where did that spider go? Soon local inhabitants are being terrorised by a giant Tarantula. Cue screaming women running and tripping and cue John Agar starring as Dr. Hastings… again. Book now

Gojira - Sunday 23 March: 8pm

U / 96mins / Ishiro Honda / 1955 / Japan, subtitles

When American scientists start testing nuclear weapons, guess what happens? Yep, they awaken a 164 ft tall monster reptile with radioactive breath (we could have told them). And in true monster fashion it runs amok through Tokyo. Can it be stopped? Should it be killed?... No prizes for guessing the English tile for this classic monster rampage movie. Book now

We look forward to seeing you at an event soon - and please spread the word!



Tickets are available in advance online from this website, or on the door.
Doors and the bar open at 7.15pm, screenings start at 8pm.

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