Posters for sale at the festive fundraiser

Sunday 4 December 2016, 3pm.

Find out more about the fundraiser,. where you can buy rare posters including those below.

Prices start at £10 - all funds raised go towards the Electric Palace's Seating Fund.

DSCF6226.jpgDSCF6305.jpgDSCF6296.jpgDSCF6280.jpgDSCF6274.jpgDSCF6266.jpgDSCF6263.jpgDSCF6261.jpgDSCF6253.jpgDSCF6231.jpgDSCF6135.jpgDSCF6131.jpgDSCF6140.jpg  DSCF6237.jpg  DSCF6175.jpgDSCF6335.jpgDSCF6302.jpgDSCF6319.jpgDSCF6321.jpgDSCF6328.jpgDSCF6312.jpgDSCF6292.jpgDSCF6186.jpgDSCF6179.jpgDSCF6178.jpgDSCF6183.jpg

DSCF6289.jpg DSCF6288.jpgDSCF6277.jpgDSCF6269.jpgDSCF6258.jpgDSCF6255.jpgDSCF6220.jpgDSCF6209.jpgDSCF6198.jpgDSCF6168.jpgDSCF6157.jpgDSCF6149.jpg


DSCF6242.jpg DSCF6221.jpg

DSCF6142.jpg DSCF6194.jpg

DSCF6208.jpg DSCF6155.jpgDSCF6165.jpg


Tickets are available in advance online from this website, or on the door.
Doors and the bar open at 7.15pm, screenings start at 8pm.

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